As a colour technician and a licensed hairstylist of 10 years, Michelle Haig is experienced with applications in all types of hair extensions colouring, cuts and styling.


At the age of 26, Michelle owned and operated her first salon in Toronto, Canada. On a typical styling day, she was working with a bride doing her hair for her wedding.  The bride working with Michelle was very upset that her other extension supplier provided poor quality hair. To make matters worse the hair extensions came in many different pieces which resulted in more time spent on styling the hair. These extensions also looked obvious that it wasn’t her hair due to the shine and texture in the mixed fibre hair. 


In desperation, and in hopes that she could avoid this challenge for other brides in the future, Michelle set her sights on becoming a hair supplier and vowed to only supply luxury real cuticle hair also she innovated and created a hair All-In-One Clip In that would be simple for anyone to use in their everyday life. 


Not long after Michelle ventured into other extension styles including the famous La Adición. 



This is just the beginning of Michelle's story. In 2018 she plans on taking her product international. She is passionate about being able to offer her product to the everyday woman all over the world. 

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