Lady Empire is proud to offer a more affordable route
to fuller, longer, beautiful luxurious hair!

If you need to add extra volume and length to your hair for an important occasion but don't want to keep hair extensions as a permanent part of your wardrobe, Lady Empire offers their All-In-One Clip In hair rental services.

Perfect for brides, graduates, pageants, parties and all of your special events, Lady Empire’s All-In-One Clip In is easy to use, adds instant volume and length in less than two minutes and can be styled and worn in a ponytail or up-do too! All in One Hair Extensions come in solid tone, two-tone, or even three-tone colour so it’s easy to match with your own natural hair. It is available for sale and can also be rented for the low fee of $50 per day for up to three days.

How it works...
After Lady Empire pre-authorizes your credit card for three hundred dollars, you are rented an All-In-On Clip In giving you the instant hair volume and length you need for your special look. You must sign a contract stating that you will not colour, cut or damage the product in any way and you agree that you will have custody of the hair extension for a maximum of three days only, at a rental charge of $50 per day. If the hair extension is not returned within the agreed upon time, your credit card will be charged the full $300 which Lady Empire pre-authorized at the time of rental.


Each All in One Hair Extension is made with high quality, 100% cuticle human hair and is treated and prepared using hygienic processes to ensure your safety prior to being offered for sale or rent. Each All-In-One Hair Extension is washed, treated to be contaminant free and at the time of each rental, the hairpiece is fitted with a new set of clips, so anything touching your scalp is touched only by you. All Rental Hair Extensions are used for a maximum of three days at a time and are kept on Lady Empire’s hair rental wall for a maximum of 6 months. They are then moved to a clearance rack where they are sold at a discount from the original purchase price. Most of the time though, the majority of our clients end up purchasing their rental pieces so they can use it again and again!

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