How do I wash my Lady Empire Hair Extensions?

Our hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle human hair it is always needed to shampoo and condition the hair as if it's your own. Holding the hair extensions from the top We recommend non-sulfate shampoos and recommend to use clarifying shampoo once a month along with a hair mask or treatment once a month. Always lather from top to bottom.


The All-In-One Clip-In

Remember with your clip-in hair extensions you want to always keep your clips closed so the hair won't wind into them. We recommend brushing your hair with a paddle brush or a wet brush.  Then choose to hang them to dry with your lady empire hanger or blow dry them. 


La Adición

Lather from top to bottom holding it from its top form. Hang to dry with your lady empire hanger or blow dry. 


Silk Tops

Wash thoroughly then brush with a paddle brush or wet brush. 



Wash your hair extensions as if it's your hair. Whether they are installed by weave or micro linked weft. You may wash them with the same technique used by going in between the Rows. Remember to brush your hair using a leave-in conditioner after your washes, then brush with a paddle brush or wet brush. 



What is the length of Lady Empire Hair Extensions?

Our hair length is a standard 26 inches giving you the opportunity to shape, cut and Free layer your hair by your stylist or yourself. if you require a longer or shorter please request it and a price quote will be sent to you, the longest length we can provide is 32 inches


How to choose the right shade of hair extensions?

It’s always good to remember your true hair colours show best in natural lights. When choosing your true colour for your hair extension, take a picture of your hair inside and outside to find the hue. Compare both photos side by side to find the hue that is most prominent.  If you would like our help we would be more than happy to help you. Send us a picture of your hair under natural light and we will help match your hair.


How are Lady Empire Hair Extensions different?

Lady empire is unique because all our products are handmade. Lady Empire has a location in Toronto. You can drop off to wash and style your purchased products and pick them up when you are on your way to an appointment or special event. This service was created by lady empire to save you time and to help you have beautifully styled hair. We stand out because of our customize your own hair extensions service to full fill your colour needs and hair extension desires. You have a year warranty on your hair extensions and they are guaranteed 100% authentic human cuticle hair. All hair products are handcrafted microthin wefts and our customer service is impeccable, we strive to make sure all our clients are happy.


Does Lady Empire have a return policy or exchange policy?

Returns must be requested within seven days of receipt of delivery. You can exchange or refund your order within seven days as long as it has not been worn or removed from its packaging.


How long does processing & shipping usually take?

If you’re in the city of Toronto processing and shipping usually takes about a week. Across Canada, it can take up to 2 weeks. If you require custom coloured shades items may take a little longer. ​


How can I contact you?

You can contact reach us through the contact form on the website or you can email me directly



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